10 Things You Should Always Do To Prevent Cancer

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Cancer Is No Doubt A Major HEALTH CHALLENGE Of Concern To Most Of All The Societies Of The World Today.

It Is A Malignant Tumor That And It Is Caused By The Excessive Or Outgrowth Of A Particular Cell.

Cancer Can Be Very Deadly As It Comes In Stages However Research Has  it That 30-50% Of All Cancer Cases Are Preventable, Which Is A Major Hope For Humanity.

There Are Various Types Of Cancer. They Include;

Prostrate Cancer Which Is The Outgrowth Of Excessive Multiplication Of The Prostrate Cells.

Breast Cancer: This Cancer Is Often Common In Females It Is A Cancer Type Associated With the Female Breast

Lung Cancer: Cancer Associated With The Lungs

Ovarian Cancer : Cancer Associated With The Female Ovaries

Skin Cancer: Cancer Associated With The Skin.

 There Are Several Other Forms Of Cancer As It Is Associated With The Excessive Duplication Of Cells And Cells Are Found Everywhere In The Human Body, Every Human Has Over A Billion Cell.

 The Good News However Is That This Cancer Can Be Preventable And Can Also Be Treated When Detected Earlier

What Then Are Those Factors That Might Be Responsible For Cancer

There Are Several Factors Associated As Being The Reasons Of Growth Of Malignant Tumors. Some Of These Factors Include;

Smoking : Tobacco Smoke  Contains More Than 7000 Chemicals,Atlest 250 Are Known To Be Harmful And At Least 69 Of These Chemicals Are Cancer Known Chemicals.

Excess Store Of Fat In The Body               

Too Much Sugar : Excess Sugar Are Known To Have The Effective Running Of Various Organs Of The Body, It Could Lead To Diabetes And Is Also Associated With Various Cancer Such As Pancreas Cancer And Stomach Cancer.

Alcohol Intake : Alcohol Intake Is A Major Cause Of Kidney And Liver Cancer

Radiation: Chemical Radiations And Excess Ultra Violent Rays From The Sun Are Major Cause Of Cancers Such As Skin Cancer, Eye Cancer, Liver Cancer And Several Others.

 There Are Other Several Ways To Prevent This Deadly And Malignant Cells From Growing In Ones Body ,These Factors May Include;

10 things you should do to prevent cancer

1.Stop Or Avoid Smoking

Run Far Away From Smoking Tobacco, It Increases Your Chances Of Having Kidney Cancer. Each Stick Of Tobacco As Been Scientifically Proven To Contain Over 7000 Chemicals,250 Of These Chemicals Are Harmful To Human Health And At The Same Time 69 Of These Chemicals Have Been Stated To Cause Cancer. Therefore If You Have Been Smoking, Quit Smoking And If You Haven’t Don’t Bother To, It Does Greater Harm Than Good To Your Health.

2.Eat Properly : It Is Good To Stay Lean Especially When It Comes To The Prevention Of Cancer, You Should Learn To Eat Properly, Avoid Eating Excessively Which Would Give Your Organs A Lot Of Work To Do  In Metabolism, Avoid Meats Eat A Lot Of Fruits And Vegetables Instead, They Help A Lot.

3.Avoid Unnecessary Exposure To Ultra Violent Radiation : Avid Exposure To Chemical Radiation As They Are A MAIN  Cause For Several Form Of Cancer, Stay Away From Excess Direct  Exposure To The Sun, It Often Cause Skin Cancer, When You Find Yourself In Chemical Producing Industries, Ensure To Cover Your Nose Properly So That You Don’t Inhale Chemicals That Can Be Really Harmful To Your Health As They Are One Leading Factor Of Cancer

4.Maintain Healthy Weight : One Way To Prevent Cancer Is Also Ensuring To Prevent Your Weight From Being Over Weighed. Stay Healthy, Get Physically Active, Be Fit And Of Course You Have Lower Chances Of Abnormal Cells Growing In Your Body.

5.Practice  Sex Safe : Avoid Anal Oral And All Other Forms That Are Not Safe,They Do More Harm Than Good To You,Oral Cancer Can Be As A Result Of Oral Sex.Anal Cancer Can Be The Result Of Anal Sex And So Much More,You Should Therefore Be Your Own Keeper By Avoiding Unsafe Sex And Practicing Safe Se,It Further Helps Prevent Cancer

6.Eat More Of Fruits And Vegetables : Fruits And Greens Contains Anti Oxidants And Anti Inflammatory That Can Help Curb Or Prevent Cancer Or Abnormal Cell Growth In The Body.

7.Get Immunized : This Cannot Be Over Emphasized For Example,The Human Papillomavirus (Hpv) Immunization Helps Prevent Most Cervical And Other Forms Of Cancer

8.Exercise Daily : You Should Always Exercise Daily Ensure To Get Involved In Physical Activites Daily  For At Least 20 Minutes ,It Helps And Aid Normal Functioning Of The Internal Organs  And Also Help You Get Rid Of Unnecessary Fat That Are Can Be Cancer Related.

9.Avoid Being Obsessed : Avoid Excess Body Fat, They Are Not Ideals And Do No Good But Harm, Get Rid Of Them, Ensure To Stay In Size And Shape And No Doubt You Have A Lower Risk Of Your Body Growing The Various.

10.Watch Out For Signs : If You See Any Abnormal Changes In Your Body Such As Discharge, Lumps And Several Others, Reach Out To Your ,Medical Practitioner, Under No Circumstance Should You Accept That You Have Cancer Because Of What You Read Online Instead Seek Medical Advises And Get Detected Earlier

 Above All Ensure To Get Closer To Your God,Pray And Endeavor To Never Run Out Of His Grace.

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