How To Make Fluffy Pancakes At Home

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Make Fluffy Pancake At Home By Yourself At Home Without Having To Order From Any Baking Hubs Or Pastries Shops.

 Pancake Is A Flat Cake,Often Thin And Round,Prepared From A Starch Based Batter That Usually Contains Eggs,Milk And Butter Fried With Oil Or Butter On A Hot Surface Using A Frying Pan Or Griddle.

Pancake Is A Western Food But Over Time It Has Gained It Popularity Amongst The Westerners And Non-Westerners.

Pancakes Are Often Seen As A Meal Or Snck That Should Be Taken On Weekends As Everyone Feels,It Only On Weekend That One Can Basically Have Time To Make Such For Friends And Family But Then You Can Also Choose To Make Your Pancakes And Refrigerate Them And All You Have To Do On All Other Days Is Open Your Fridge Where You Have Your Stored Pancake And Microwave And Again It Is Good To Go,Amazing Stuff!

Making Pancakes Are Easy And Turns Out Really Nice When You Take The Right Steps But Can Turn Out A Mess Or Nightmare You Just Wouldn’t Want To Imagine.When Making Pancakes Ensure That You Use A Non Stick Frying Pan So Your Pancakes Don’t Get Stuck On The Surface Of The Pan As This Would Not Make The Pancake Results Be The One You See In The Images.

Basic Instructions Of Making Pancakes

1.Use A Non Sticky Frying Pan

Ensure To Use A Non- Sticky Frying Pan So That When You Are Frying The Pan Cakes And Trying To Turn To The Other Side It Doesn’t Stick To The Pan.

2.A Bowl Is Enough

Yes,A Bowl Is Just Enough To Do All Your Mixing,Instead Of Using Multiple Bowls And Getting Yourself Another Tiring Work By Having To Wash Dishes Again,Mix All You Have To Mix In Just One Bowl.

3.Leave Your Mixture For Some Minute Before You Start Rolling Out And Frying

Ensure To Leave Your Mixture For Some Minutes Before Rolling Out And Frying So That The Rising Agent Which Is The Yeast Can Takeit’s  Proper Effect And That All The Mixings Can Setlle Well.

4.Ensure To Mix Properly

The Last Thing You Would Want Is Having A Pancake That That Nice And At The Same Time Doesn’t Have Any Taste,So Ensure To Mix Properly.

5.Do Not Use Too Much Veg Oil Or Butter

You Definitely Don’t Want Your Pancakes Soaked In Excess Oil,So Watch Out For The Amount Of Oil You Use When Frying Pancakes.

How To Make Fluffy Pancakes


All Purpose Flour (4 Cups-400g)

6 Teaspoons Of Baking Powder

2 Glass Cup Of Milk

6 Medium Sized Eggs Or 4 Big Ones

8 Tablespoons Of Sugar

1 Teaspoon Of Salt

100g Of Butter

1 Tablespoon Of Grounded Pepper(Optional)

1 Teaspoon Of Salt

2 Cups Of Water

200g Of Butter

Vegetable Oil

Instructions And Directions On Making A Fluffy Pancake

Step 1 : Melt Your Butter By Pouring It Inside The Non Sticky Pan And Heating It Up On An Hot Surface

Step 2: Add Your Flour,Baking Powder,Sugar,Salt,,Your Milk And A Cup Of Water Too In The Bowl You Want To Use

Step 3: Mix Properly And Ensure That It Is Smooth,See To It That There Are Not Lumps At All In The Mixture.

Step 4 : Mix The Eggs And The Melted Butter Properly With Half Of A Cup Of Water Until It Is Smooth.

Step 5: Pour This Mixture Into The First Mixture Of Flour And The Others.

Step 6:Mix All Together Properly.

Step 7 : Set Aside For 30 Minutes

Step 8 : Add A Few Dropof Vegetable Oil To Your Frying Pan And Place It On A Hot Surface,When Hot,Add A Tablespoon Of Pancake Mixture Into The Oil.

Step 9 : Turn Each Side Of The Pancake Until Your Desired Color Is Achieved.

Do These Set By Set Until The Pancake Mixture Is Finished

Your Pancake Is Ready.

you can also decide to garnish your pancakes after preparation with honey,strawberries and nuts fruits,it is a choice.

send in your feedback in the comment session and don’t forget to also share this recipes with friends and family.

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