How To Prepare Nigerian Jollof Rice

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Jollof Rice Is A Dish Of Rice Cooked With Various Spices.It Is Very Popularly In West African Countries Like Ghana,Mali,Nigeria And So Many Others.

  Jollof Rice Has Indeed Gained It’s Ground Especially In Nigeria As Little Or No Events Happens Without Jollof Rice.It Is Like The Main Dish Of Every Party While Every Other Dish Are Just Extra.

There Are Little Or No Canteens ,Kitchens Or Food Hub That You Would Visit In Nigeria And Not Find Jollof As A Menu,It Is Greatly Enjoyed By Nigerians When Deliciously Prepared.

The Preparation Of Jollof Rice Is Actually Straight Forward And It Turns Out Perfectly When Instructions Are Adhered To Strictly In It’s Preparations.

 It Taste Can Also Become A Nightmare If Not Prepared Properly And If Perhaps You Do Not Adhere Strictly To Instructions.

 Do’s And Don’ts When Preparing Nigerian Jollof Rice

  • Wash Your Rice Properly Before Cooking,To Reduce Starch To The Minimum,It Helps Your Meal Not Get Soggy.
  • Do Not Over Cook Your Rice Or Add Too Much Water At The Initial Stage Of Cooking,It Can Make It Turn Out Clumsy And  Soggy
  • It Okay To Add The Quantity Of Pepper You Want,Depending On The Heat Level You Want.
  • Ensure To Fry All Recipe Except Rice Properly,It Helps To Bring Out The Aroma And Gives It A Better Taste.
  • Once You Add Your Rice To The Recipe On Fire Ensure That The Heat You Subject It To Is First High And Reduce It After Some Time
  • When Preparing Jollof Rice,Endeavor To Use Fresh Pepper, Onion And Stock,It Brings Out It’s Better Taste.
  • It Is Advised To Stir With A Cooking Stick When Fry Some Recipes
  • Don’t Get Your Oil Too Hot At The Beginning,So You Don’t Burn The Onion,As This Can Actually Put You Off From The Beginning

Ingredients For Preparing A Nigeria Jollof Rice

  1. Vegetable Oil(A Cup Of Oil)
  2. Onion (One Big Onion Chopped)
  3. Tin Tomatoes
  4. Chicken /Meat Stock
  5. Blended Pepper(Tomatoes,Rodo ,Tatashe,Onion,Ginger And Garlic)
  6. Curry,Thyme And Your Preferred Jollof Rice Spices.Suggested: Spicity (One Table Spoon Each)
  7. Seasoning Cubes And Salt(6 Seasoning Cubes)
  8. Nut Meg(1 Table Spoon
  9. Rice(1 Derica)

Preparations Instructions.

  1. Ensure That All Your Ingredients Are Ready
  2. Put A Pot That Can Contain A Derica Of Rice On Fire
  3. When The Pot Gets Dried,Pour In Your Vegetable Oil.
  4. When The Oil Is Heated A Little,Add The Chopped Onion
  5. Stir Fry The Added Onion For 1 Minute.Don’t Stop Stiring,So It Doesn’t Get Burnt.
  6. Add Your Tomatoes Paste
  7. Keep Stir Frying And Ensure To Mix Them Together Properly.Fry For Another 2 Minutes.
  8. Add Your Blended Pepper(You May Or May Not Have Boiled The Pepper)
  9. Stir Together Well
  10. Add Your Stock To What You Have Cooking
  11. Cot The Pot And Let It Cook Properly If You Haven’t Cooked The Pepper Before
  12. After It Cooks And You Notice The Water Is Almost Dried Up Begin To Stir With Your Cooking Stick

Until Oil Has Started Floating On The Surface Of The Stew, Ensure To Continually Stir Fry  Properly For Another 3 Minutes Or Less Just Get It Really Fried

  1. Add Water To That Would Be Enough To Prepare The Rice Depending On Your Kind Of Rice. Ensure It’s Not In Excess, It Can Make The Food Soggy And Stick To One Another
  2. Wash Your Rice While The Water Has Been Added On Fire,Wash Till The Water Runs Clear.
  3. Go Back To Your Cooking Pot Open It,Weather The Water As Started Boiling Or Not Add Your Seasoning Cubes,Salt,Spice,Nutmeg And Every Other Spice You Might Have Added
  4. Once The Water Has Boiled Properly,Then Add Your Washed Rice
  5. Stir Well In The Water And Ensure The Mix Well And Cover The Pot.
  6. Reduce The Fire Of Your Gas Or Stove After Some Time So The Food Doesn’t Get Burnt.
  7. Cook For 30 Minutes.
  8. Once The Food Has Dried Up Water And Soft To You Taste,You Can Turn Off Your Cooking Gas.

Your Jollof Rice Is Ready To Be Served.

You Can Also Decided To Decorate The Dish With Green Peas And Sweet Corn.Just Serve And Sprinkle Them On It,As It Is Best Enjoy With Jollof When Fresh.

If You Have Followed The Guidelines Properly You Definitely Would Love What You See Or Taste.

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