How To Prepare Yam Pottage “Ikokore.”

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Ikokore Is A Popular Food Of The Ijebu People,They Are Popularly Known For This Dish.

This Blog Post Has Outlined Easy And Basic Outlines On How To Make Ikokore.

Ingredients for preparation of ikokore.

Water Yam(Isu Ewura)

Palm Oil



Seasoning Cubes

Meats And Assorted(Optional)


Outlined preparation of ikokore

Step 1: Cut,Wash And Grate The Size Of Yam You Want Depending On The Quantity Of Ikokore You Want To Make.

Step 2: Put Water On Fire,It Should Be Too Much And Should Be Also Dependent On The Quantity Of Food You Are Cooking.

Step 3: Bring Water To Boil,Then Add Pepper(Grounded Or Blended Fresh Pepper),Seasoning cubes And Salt.

Step 4: Add Crayfish(Blended Or Unblended),Add Every Assorted Meats And Meats If You Are Perharps Using Any Except The Fish.

Step 5: Wash Your Hand Thoroughly And Mix The Grated Yam To Mix Mix Well

Step 6(Optional): Dice Onion And Mix It With The Grated Yam.

Step7 : Add The Grated Yam In Balls To What Is Already On Fire.

Step8: Add Your Fish And Palm Oil Lastly.

Step 9: Cover And Cook For 30 Minutes.

Ikokore Can Be Enjoyed Or Eaten With Cold Eba Or Eaten A Lot It Is A Choice.

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