“If Someone Is Not Treating You Well, Just Pack Your Loads And Go”– Neo Advises Ozo About Nengi

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Neo Finally Told Ozo To Leave Nengi And Focus As All His Effort To Make Her His Girlfriend Has Been Futile.

Ozo who is always seen declaring his love to Nengi but has always been turned down by her.

He recently wrote her a love letter on a tissue paper and she just smilled and said she was going to reply but still yet hasn’t.

Neo on the other side who has always seen the hustles of ozo tryng to get nengi but all effort being futile gave him a piece of advice t his afternoon.

Neo told him to stop chasing her,as she is not chasing him back and that he is too sexy and got the body for all the things that he is doing for her.

In his words;

“You are a great guy. If someone is not treating you well, just pack your loads and go. Give yourself some accolades man.

“See how you look with all the sexiness and just stop following someone that will keep treating you as trash.

“Just face your hustle and do your things. A lot of people outside this house will want to be with you,

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