Ingredients and Preparation of Ofada Rice and Sauce

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Ofada Sauce is a local sauce which comprise of several proteins and commonly known to be served with the ofada rice.

Ofada Rice on the other hand is a local rice which is grown in specific regions in Nigeria.

The sauce basically derived the name OFADA SAUCE because it is a sauce prepared to be eaten with the ofada rice, Hence the term OFADA SAUCE.

The ofada sauce is not just the regular kind of sauce as it has it own method of preparation and some other composition that makes it unique.

The ofada sauce and rice dish is often one of the meals found in parties as most people love the intriguing taste and appreciates it.

Several families would often time always want to have this sauce in their home apart from the ofada rice, it can also be served as sauce to every other meal such as  the foreign rice,beans bread spaghetti,e.t.c.

 Getting the ofada sauce rightly prepared and getting to prepare  the exact type you see other people prepare or buy at the restaurant can be a somewhat stressful, no doubt because often time people who try to make it often come up with complains like they didn’t like the taste, it didn’t taste desame with the one they had somewhere or someplace and sometimes it didn’t even smell like the normal ofada sauce would smell .

This blog post however has got your back as we have outlined carefully processes that would help you get that particular sauce you have always wished to prepare or imagined.

However, in preparing ofada sauce or even every other meals, you should understand that before you can get them to turn out perfect there are some DO’S and DON’T you should bear in mind and must ensure to see to too get what you want exactly.

For these post I would be sharing the My own DO’s and Don’t when I am preparing my ofada sauce and trust me it has made every of my ofada sauce turn out really amazing.


  • The first thing you should ensure is that your pepper isn’t fully ripe,this is one of the things that put the final look in  place.

When you’re getting ready to prepare your sauce,see to it that your pepper and tomatoes ain’t fully ripped.


  • Do not blend your pepper smooth.

Yes, when preparing ofada sauce, your blended not fully ripped pepper should not be smooth. it should be in pieces.

  • When blending your pepper, ensure that you do not add a lot of water as this would make frying the sauce properly difficult and you might eventually not make you like what you get at the end of the day.
  • Your palm oil must be properly bleached

For me, this is one of my secret to attaining the ofada sauce that everyone sings praises. it just adds an unexplained nice taste to it.

  • Blend your pepper with enough onion

Yes, I have come to realize with several experiment that when I prepare my food with a lot of onion ,it tends to taste nicer and sweeter  than the food cooked with little or no onion

  • Let your bleached oil cool a little before you commence adding other ingredient you don’t want your ingredient to get burnt or your kitchen on fire.

Now that we’ve been through the Do’s and Don’ts  when making ofada sauce, we can proceed to the ingredient required for making the sauce.

 There are several, infact uncountable ingredients which are mainly protein you could choose to spice up your sauce, it is only dependent on how much money you have or the extent to which you want proteins present in the sauce.

In this blog, I would be using teaching how to prepare the sauce basically with cow meat and other internal organs such as the kidney,liver,intestine and cowskin.

Ingredients for ofada sauce

  • Pepper, tomatoes and onion(you could add bell pepper if you want)- Wash and blend the pepper ensure it’s not smooth though.
  • Palm oil
  • Locust beans(iru)-wash and ensure that the first drained water is added to your blended pepper, you should also avoid tiny sand and stone that is often in most of the locust beans.
  • Diced onion(it is a choice)
  • Seasoned and boiled meat and all other proteins you want to add.
  • Seasoning cubes
  • Salt
  • Thyme(optional)

Preparation of ofada sauce

Step 1 : boil your blended pepper until the water content is fully dried up

Step 2 : put another pot on fire, when it’s dried up pour enough quantity of palm oil depending on your pepper quantity in the pot

Step 3 :  cover the pot and bring the palm oil to bleach

Step 4: when the palm oil is fully bleached, dropped it from the hot surface and let it get cool, so that it doesn’t catch fire when you add other ingredients.

Step 5 : when it get cool, put it back on fire and then fry your assorted meats in it(fry till you love what you see or till your preferred point)

Step 6 : take them out when fried

Step 7 : add your diced onion to the bleached palm oil now.

Step 8 : stir when it fries well, add your washed locust beans and continually stir until they are fried properly

Step 9 : pour your boiled pepper and stir

Step 10: add your meat stock next(it mustn’t be too much so that getting the sauce fried doesn’t turn out impossible)

Step 11 : stir well, taste it, if you are not satisfied with the taste and your preferred seasoning  cubes and salt till you get your desired taste.

Step 12 : add your fried meat, so it can carry the sauce taste.

Step 13 : begin to stir until the sauce is brought to fry and water has obviously dried up in the sauce

Step 14 : fry well until you can see the palm oil floating on the surface of your sauce and pepper beneath it

Step 15 : your ofada sauce is ready.

How to prepare ofada rice

The ofada rice is not the regular rice that you could just get and parboil as it comes with shafts an stones which must be picked out before it’s cooking commences, so that you don’t prepare what you cannot eat.

 After picking shaft and stones out of the rice, put enough quantity of water on fire and bring to boil

 Pour your picked rice without washing it into the boiling water

Parboil for 10 minutes

 Sieve the water out using your sieve basket and then wash the rice with fresh and clean water.

 Put water on fire and add salt to it depending on the quantity of rice you are cooking

When the water gets boiled, add your washed rice.

Constantly check the rice, so it doesn’t get burnt or you might need to even add water until you get the desired taste texture.

 When the water in the rice gets dried up ,turn off the fire.

 You can now serve your ofada rice with it sauce.

Benefits of ofada rice and sauce

  • The protein composition in the sauce helps repair worn out tissues in the body
  • Ofada rice is very low in fat, you can consider it when you’re trying to loose weight
  • The palm oil helps give certain minerals to the body
  • ofada rice has a rough surface, more phosphorous, and fiber which help in the reduction of the risk of bowel disorder and fighting constipation

Thanks for reading, leave a comment in the comment section stating what you think about this method of preparation. Your feedback are highly appreciated.

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