Okra: 10 Benefits And Side Effects Of Okra

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Okra Is A  Popular Fruit Or Plant Used In Making Soup In Nigeria.It Is Loved Because Of It’s Simplicity When Making It And The Fact That It Is Very Economical.

Okra Soup Is One Of The Soups That Can Be Afforded By Any Average Man As You Can Get Okra For As Low As 50 Naira. Okra Can Be Eten Weather Raw Or Cooked It Goes Either Ways,A Lot Of People Eats It Raw As They Claim It Helps With The Pitch Of Their Voices And Many Other Prefer It Cooked And Served With Various Swallow Such As Eba,Pounded Yam,Semo,Etc

Okra Is Very Good As It Carries A Lot Of Health Benefits And At The Same Time Can Be A Problem When Eaten Or Consumed Too Much.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Eating Okra?

There Are Several Health Benefits Of Okra,Some Of Which Includes;

  1. It Helps To Fight Cancer : Okra Scientifically Is Packed With Anti-Oxidants Which Provides Supports Needed To Fight Off Free Radicals That Can Eventually Lead To Cancer
  2. It Helps With Indigestion : Yes Okra Can Sure Help You Out With indigestion And Constipation as it Contains Lot Of Dietary Fibers That Helps To Ensure That Your Food Are Properly Digested.
  3. It Contains Pectin That Helps Lowers Cholesterol : One Meal That Can Help You Out When Trying To Lower Your Cholesterol Is Okra,It Is Known To Contain And Enzyme Called Pectin Which Helps Combat Cholesterol.
  4. It Increases Your Fertility Rate : Okra Amazingly Also Help In Increasing Fertility Rate Ad It Is High In Folates ( An Ester Of Folic Acid) Which Is A Major Pre-Conception Diet.
  5. It Helps With Healthy Pregnancy : The High Presence Of Folates  In Okra Helps Support A Healthy Mom And Baby.
  6. It Prevents Diabetes : Okra Reduces Your Blood Sugar Level And Therefore It Is An Option For Diabetes Prevention.
  7. It Helps Reduce Asthma Symptoms : Okra’s Powerful Dose Of Vitamin C Can Be Linked To Easing Respiratory Problems Like Asthma,
  8. It Helps Improve Your Eyes Condition : Okra Also Contains Vitamin A (Retinol) Which Is A Major Vitamin That Helps In The Improvement Of The Human Eye And Also Helps Prevent Eye Problems Such As Cataract.
  9. It Helps Out With Strong Bones : Okra Has Mentioned Earlier Contains Folates Which Are Esters Of Folic Acid,It Also Contains Vitamin K Which Are Very Good For The Bones,It Helps The Bone Get Stronger.
  10. It Supports Ulcer Healing : If You  Perhaps Have Ulcer Then You Should Consider Adding Okra To Your Meal List As It Coats The Digestive Tract When Consumed And Helps Speed Up The Rate At Which Peptic Ulcer Is Healed.

Okra May Be A Lot Beneficial To The Human Health But At The Same Time It Can Be Harmful As There Is Little Or No Thing That Has Advantages Without Disadvantages.

The Various Disadvantages Of Okra Includes;                              

Gastrointestinal Problems : Digestive Tracts Problems Can Set In When Okra Is Consumed Excessively.

It Increases The Chances Of Kidney Stone: Okra Is High Is Oxalate Which Increases The Risk Of Kidney Stone Or Strengthen The Ones Present.

It Can Increase Cholesterol Rate : When Okra is Fried Before Consumed,It Increases Cholesterol Level In The Body.

Conclusions : Above All Okra Is Very Beneficial To The Human Health,It Definitely Does More Good Than Harm,You Should Just Ensure That You Put Moderation To It Consumption As We All Know That Moderation Is Highly Beneficial In All Things.

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